Starting Treatment

Starting orthodontic treatment is easy. After diagnostic records are taken, Dr. Lang measures and evaluates the models and x-rays in order to devise the best possible treatment plan. This only takes a day or two. The patient will then be ready for their braces to be placed.

The application of the braces is fast and completely painless. They adhere directly to the surface of each tooth with a special adhesive. The adhesive is strong enough to hold the brace to the tooth but not so strong that it is difficult or painful to remove. Placement of the braces takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes.

Once applied, the patient can choose the colors for the braces or have no colors at all, if desired. Tooth colored, porcelain braces are also available for the upper teeth. The colors can be changed at every adjustment visit (usually every 4-7 weeks). There is no extra cost for colored braces. The wires or “archwires” that connect to all the braces and actually do the tooth movement are painlessly placed at this time. Tooth colored archwires are used for porcelain braces and are barely visible.

During the initial application visit, the assistants will explain how to care for braces and how to eat with braces, as well. A home care kit is given to each patient, which contains everything necessary to care for your new braces. Mouthguards are given at no cost to anyone who desires them for athletic activities.

The entire application visit lasts between 30-45 minutes and is completely painless and even quite enjoyable!