Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a simple way to be evaluated for the need for orthodontic treatment as well as timing and types of treatment available. The patient will be evaluated and treatment options discussed. If diagnostic records are indicated, they can be done at this first consultation if desired. This involves digital photos and X-rays as well as impressions of the teeth. This usually takes an additional ten to fifteen minutes and the cost of this is included in the overall fee for treatment.

The patient or parent is encouraged to ask any questions related to the recommended treatment. The evaluation is free and lasts just a few minutes. The office will be happy to discuss fees, payment options and insurance at this appointment, as well.

If models and X-rays are taken at this visit, the patient can set up an appointment to place the braces anytime after this. If no diagnostic records are taken at the consultation and the patient would like to proceed with treatment, the next appointment is the diagnostic records visit, which is completely painless and lasts approximately 15 minutes.