Care and Maintenance of Braces

It is critically important that patients eat properly with braces and maintain a very high level of oral hygiene. This will be explained in detail at the initial brace application appointment. All necessary brushes, wax, mouthguards and rinses will be supplied at no cost to every patient. Remember, a good healthy diet is best with or without braces.

Sticky or very crunchy foods can break braces and increase treatment time. Crunchy foods that are healthy such as apples, carrots and corn on the cob, can be cut into small pieces first and eaten with braces. Hard candy, taffy, caramel and gum are the worst things to eat during orthodontic treatment.

Poor brushing can cause swelling of the gums and even staining of the teeth after the braces are removed. We will monitor this in every patient and review proper hygiene and diet practices when necessary.

If a brace breaks during treatment for any reason, there is usually no discomfort and it can be repaired within a few days. If, however, there is something sharp or uncomfortable, we will always be available to address this the same day by calling the office. We have a full-time answering service for after-hours problems, as well.